See some pictures of our darling pets below.  Call for quotes on pet sitting/walking.  Fees will depend on how many pets and what kind they are.  We can walk for 15 minutes during the day to give the pet a break. We can  stay with the pet/pets in your home when you travel.  I have 2 cats so the dog must be cat friendly if they stay here.  Just call to discuss your needs.  We can figure out many options to make sure your pet is comfortable and happy.

When we home tend while you are away, we will check the home as often as you require.  We will make sure it has not been broken into, the toilets are flushed and not running, run your dishwasher once a month, see that no pipes are broken, inside or out, see that there are no visible leaks,  pick up mail and any other jobs you require while out of town.  Call us to discuss your needs and get a quote.